“We are Happy with the DROUGHT that Led to Hunger and Starvation allowing us to Import Sugar and Maize”-Hon Duale

Aden Duale enjoying “We are very very HAPPY because of the DROUGHT that faced our country over the last four months, that made our farmer...

Aden Duale enjoying

“We are very very HAPPY because of the DROUGHT that faced our country over the last four months, that made our farmers not to GROW FOOD that created an INFLATION that has never been seen in our country over the last four years.”

-Duale: Jubilee Majority Leader & Uhuru surrogate, 5/18/17.

It is shocking what makes jubilee “HAPPY”!!!

As some Kenyans laid to rest their relatives who died because of drought, Duale and Jubilee were very very happy.

As Kenyans cried of their lost investment due to the death of their animals as a result of the drought, Jubilee and Duale were very very happy.

As Kenyans agonized over the high prices of food, wondering how they would feed their families, and scared of facing their children to tell them that this month you will be forced to drink black tea without sugar and milk because Daddy could not afford sugar and milk, Jubilee and Duale were very very Happy.

My heart is shaken and sunken this evening to learn that Duale and his party, Jubilee were actually very very HAPPY as Kenyans were distraught and crying.

It is this level of disconnect, elitism, and arrogance with the leaders of our country that is our undoing. When a key presidential surrogate can publicly admit that they are thrilled by the suffering of Kenyans, friends, I have no words to describe my anger.

Now I understand why Duale sees nothing wrong with spending Kshs 5 billions to import metal containers while Kenyans are dying in hospitals because of lack of medicine.

Now I understand why painting statehouse for Kshs 12 billions is a priority but not fixing the living quarters of our policemen and policewomen, who risk their lives everyday in service to nation, but are forced to share a single room without bedding or proper furniture.

Now I understand why the government would rather not negotiate with doctors and put in place a return to work formula so that Kenyans can be treated.

Now I understand why Jubilee would rather spend Kshs 4.5 Billions on Amina project rather than buy cancer machines for Kenyatta National Hospital.

It is because the suffering of KENYANS makes JUBILEE and DUALE VERY HAPPY.

How on earth can a human being celebrate the suffering of another? and how sad can it get when that very person celebrating the suffering of Kenyans is a person paid by the taxes Kenyans pay?

I plead with you honorable Kenyans, whose suffering makes the likes of Duale very very happy to rise up on 8/8/17 and show the arrogant and his team, that it is your taxes that pay his bills. We must vote out JUBILEE and its roots.

I am deeply disappointed……………

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