Uhuru Jubilee Kisii Campaign Team in TURMOIL after NIS report showed Gusii are >80% NASA

Via Caleb Simba KISII JUBILEE TEAM RETREATS TO DISCUSS POSSIBLE WALK OUT FROM JUBILEE: Disquiet, dishonesty, threats, intimidations and...

Via Caleb Simba

Disquiet, dishonesty, threats, intimidations and ambush has been the pillars between Kisii leaders and their Jubilee bosses in Nairobi.

The relationship has been a straineous and stressful one. The Axe news has authenticated that things started getting complicated after the President’s visit to the region, where he was heckled and stoned. The President is said to have personally called them abusing them of dwindling his money without bringing any substantial political wave in the ground.

Education CS Dr Fred Matiangi is said to have silently walked away from the team after some members of the president team accused him of being broker and misrepresenting them in Statehouse, another source indicates that Matiangi gave up after his advice was ignored by the local politicians, he is said to have told the president that it will be a big task to deliver 24% votes. Angery Uhuru is said to have ordered Matiangi to immeditely switch off from politics and concentrate on the civil service as Education Minister.

Obure’s close confidant revealed to the Axe News that serious mistreatments started that point when CS Matiangi went silent. Both State House and Jubilee Party headquarters was a no-go zone for the Kisii team. Phone calls were never picked.

A day after the high court ruling to have a nominations exercise in Kisii County’s Jubilee Party is when Dr Matiangi picked Senator Obure’s call, after ignoring several calls and numerous text messages. Hon Obure is said to have sent a very emotional text message that made CS Matiangi sympathize with him.

Matiangi immediately convinced the President to meet them. Obure notified the presidential team that his delegation had 10 leaders. The intention of the meeting was to source for funds for nominations that were due.

The President was further angered when Obure came in with 8 leaders instead of 10. Obure apologized on behalf of the 2 IE Hon Manson Nyamweya and Hon Richard Onyonka. However the President was not convinced that the two gentlemen belongs to Obure’s team since Onyonka has been vocal on NASA matters across every media house. The President is then said to have warned Obure against lying to the presidency and Jubilee headquarters.

The meeting then ended prematurely after Uhuru told them to see him after the NASA rally to the region. He was very categorical that the only way to win his heart back to the team is to disrupt the NASA rally.

The President directed they be given a total of 1. Million shillings translating to 100,000 each. One of the MP

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