..Of the Global RANSOMWARE, BITCOINS and The Silent Progress Towards The New World Order

By Collins N Ochieng For a long time since my teenage, I have indulged into deep imaginations on how THE NEW WORLD ORDER would take effec...

By Collins N Ochieng

For a long time since my teenage, I have indulged into deep imaginations on how THE NEW WORLD ORDER would take effect.

And just like the known sages, I have thrown myself into thoughtful trances severally in a quest to decipher the unknown! But day after day, the realities of my childhood imaginations about life in “a globalised world” are steadily taking effect!

I have seen the use of internet grow from simplicity of sending and receiving mails to its current use on the SOCIAL MEDIA platform. But when the BITCOINS came to be known and used by some of us, I have asked many questions on its origin, use, its method of acquisition & the ultimate intent of its originator! There are still more questions than answers on these.

That there’s now an IT virus which prompts the user to ransom his/her ICT infrastructure using BITCOIN is a close hint towards our journey to the NEW WORLD ORDER which will begin to take shape once the planet has a UNIFYING CURRENCY before rolling out other items in the globalisation’s “wishlist.” When all is said and done about the current communication access shutdown by the ongoing viral effects of the “RANSOMWARE” virus, the issue will not be about the various government agencies & large corporations that suffered loss, but the intent by the high handed officials of this world to begin to authenticate the LEGITIMACY OF THE BITCOIN which is poised to be the NEXT WORLD CURRENCY – this is the very motive and anything else is a ploy to hoodwink us from the hidden long term intentions!

As THE BITCOIN begins to have global popularity, the major world economies will tactfully withdraw use of their present currencies and resort to bitcoin as tool towards HARMONISING GLOBAL TRADE AFFAIRS.

In the long run,the extensive use of BITCOINS shall generate a debate on the most suitable MARKS & SYMBOLS to enhance its wider global acceptability as the world’s legal tender. And since there’s NO RACE, RELIGION or CULTURE to bind all humanity together, there will be a suggestion to create the position of the WORLD PRESIDENT whose image may be embossed on such a currency so it may gain popularity! Posts like UN’s Secretary General may soon lack the power instruments that they presently wield under such new establishments!

With the INTERNET, SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM, COMMON CURRENCY & THE WORLD PRESIDENT in place, THE NEW WORLD ORDER is ushered in and the rest of the things will just fall in their righful order with time!

The question however is, will a UNITED HUMANITY under one leadership stand in God’s favour and revere Him or humanity shall stoop low again just as we saw in the TOWER of BABEL’s STORY? We shall see. But I pray for humanity’s best possible fate to occur – every man for himself & God for us all!

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