Mr President, Stop Using the Ongoing Food Shortage as A Campaign Tool

By Dorcas S I read the following “analysis” by a TNA “Communications Analyst”: That “watu watafute campaign agenda ingine. Ya unga imeis...

By Dorcas S

I read the following “analysis” by a TNA “Communications Analyst”:

That “watu watafute campaign agenda ingine. Ya unga imeisha hivyo” i.e. that people should seek another campaign agenda because using the unga shortage as a campaign issue has ended just like that.”

The patently callous and heartless “analysis”, popular among Jubilants, was prompted by the equally crass political move by Jubilee to “subsidize” unga down to KSh. 90/bag.

If ever there was a blithely reductionist response to human pain and suffering, the comment by one of President Kenyatta’s “analyst” is Exhibit A. The comment ranks up there with the president’s own foot-in-the-mouth moment (of which he has quite a number) when he joked about referring the US to the International Criminal Courts (ICC) because of demonstrations and rioting shortly after Donald Trump won the elections.

Kenyans are suffering and dying of hunger DIRECTLY related to the corruption and incompetence that has been President Uhuru Kenyatta’s calling card over the last four years and the “analyst” finds flippant humor in that!

Even more aggravating is the fact that the on-going food crisis could have been completely avoided, definitely mitigated by foresight and planning; both predicated on a basic understanding of Kenya’s history with food security and the general environment (read corruption) therein during the run-up to the general elections.

The verdict is in re: learning from history and fighting corruption and President Kenyatta and DP Ruto have both failed as evidenced by the exorbitantly prohibitive cost of essential food items, the reasons why and the duo’s response to the crisis.

That Mr. Kenyatta and Mr. Ruto see nothing wrong with their heartlessly calculating decision to use the on-going food shortages as a campaign tool – against ALL Kenyans – shows how depraved they have become in their craven desire to stay in power.


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