Dear Raila, FOCUS on Presidential Campaigns, We will Buy for you MPs once you are Elected. Embrace Everybody, Every Vote Counts.

By Onyango Ochieng Jnr Strangely,we have shifted from Uhuru and his AIBISI to independent candidates. OK, we wanted these candidates to j...

By Onyango Ochieng Jnr

Strangely,we have shifted from Uhuru and his AIBISI to independent candidates. OK, we wanted these candidates to join NASA affiliates, yet we held our shameless nominations after the law had locked aggrieved people from defecting and the only option was independent: Are we being honest!

One of the biggest haters of Raila was Mutula and Muthama, they ended up being his best defenders and even forcefully kidnapped Kalonzo into a coalition with him. Khalwale even composed the most denigrating song on Raila that he used to mock Raila at any slightest opportunity, in parliament he later became his biggest defender despite being elected on Jubilee. Isaac Rutto was the most disrespectful crook who made Raila’s work the hardest as a PM, on Jubilee he became Raila’s best defender. Whereas ODM had over 93 mps, how many were always active or visible? Less than 40.

Now, assuming Nyongo honestly won by 164k votes in a county with over 500,000 registered voters. Are we saying Ranguma and his aggrieved 100k supporters can go to hell (and vote Satan for president) after all we already have 10 million STRUNGI hidden inside the bunkers of our mouths? Why would say Rassanga be afraid of facing Hon Nicholas Gumbo in an election where a more credible IEBC is the arbiter?

In Venezuela in 10 years, Chavez organized almost 8 elections and won all of them. His argument was “if Venezuelans are the same and they love me, why would I fear facing and defeating my opponents?”

It is only guilty minds that needs no accuser, if they won, let them not be rattled because voters are the same. Let them stop dragging Raila in their village fights.

Raila too must focus. If Rassanga wins and Raila loses, Raila is too serious to be employed by Rassanga. But if Rassanga lost and Raila wins, Raila can as well employ Rassanga in statehouse as a cook, a dancer or an ambassador.

In 2013 our petition was against the 7000 votes Uhuru scrapped with in round 1 to meet 50% + 1, curiously, in Kasipul Kabondo, people who didn’t vote were over 11,000. In Siaya, they were more than 20,000. The list is endless, had they voted, round 2 was a sure deal.

We need everyone to turn up with their supporters who will in turn vote Raila as a president. Don’t worry about MPs , we will buy them. After all we had almost 100mps and they didn’t quiet help much.

Presidency sir, PRESIDENCY.

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