LIVE BLOG: Uhuru, First Lady arrive at KICC

Kenya news,  The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) is set to make the presidential results announcement this afternoon...

Kenya news, 

President Uhuru Kenyatta after casting his vote on August 08, 2017. PHOTO | PSCU

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) is set to make the presidential results announcement this afternoon.

Activities at the national tallying centre at Bomas of Kenya heightened mid-morning as protocol officials arrived with what looked like the President’s seat.

The preparations indicated that the announcement would be made anytime.

Alliance for Real Change’s presidential Candidate Abduba Dida addressed the media at the Bomas of Kenya urging Nasa’s Raila Odinga to bring his tallying centre and compare the figures.

He rejected the results urging the electoral commission to conclude the tallying process and engage all players for a conclusive announcement.

9:19pm – Akombe: “Thank you very much to all the chief agents we are going to the next stage.”

Akombe: Our CEO is taken, he is happily married and he is not Muslim.

9:08pm: Chebukati witnesses the signing of the results.

Chebukati: “By the powers vested in me, ladies and gentlemen I’m told the results have to be signed first so I would like to thank you for listening to me and I will be right back to announce the results.”

Chebukati: “The average voter in the country spoke on the eighth of August.”

Chebukati: “In line with the commissions policy of transparency we have held innumerable meetings.”

Chebukati: “Allow me to express credit to those who contributed to the success of this election.”

Chebukati: “This election marks a major milestone in the history of our country this is the first time the country deployed KIEMS to facilitate voter registration, identification and results transmission. This year like any other election year we faced a number of challenges which we overcame. Through all this the commission remained focused in delivering its mandate.”

Chebukati: “Ladies and gentlemen, we wish to emphasise that the election was held in accordance with the constitution.”

8:53pm: Akombe welcomes chairman Wafula Chebukati

The chairman calls for a moment of silence in honor of IT Manager Chris Msando and a presiding officer who passed on in course of election

8:50pm: Commissioner Roslyn Akombe says IEBC took time to make sure what was put forward was verified and is the will of the people.

Shortly after national anthem is played.

7:40pm: Nasa presidential chief agents Musalia Mudavadi and James Orengo leave the national tallying centre at Bomas.

7:38pm: Orengo – “Our concerns were serious but they never looked at them. The judgment is out there in the court of public opinion. This government is prepared to shred the constitution.”

“Going to court for us is not an alternative, we have been there before and it’s not an alternative.”

7:30pm: Orengo – “This is a disaster, we were not just holding elections for the sake of it.”

Mudavadi says IEBC said they will respond to the Nasa concerns after making the declaration.

7:28pm: Chief Nasa presidential agents say the IEBC intends to make the announcement in a few minutes, a move they have strongly objected to.

Mudavadi says the commission says it will make a declaration and Nasa will not be party to the declaration that is about to be made as they raised issues that have not been adequately addressed.

President @UKenyatta to make televised address from KICC immediately following announcement by the IEBC.

The IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba said the chairman of the commission Wafula Chebukati will make an address at 7:30pm.


6:36pm: Chiloba makes another briefing.

Discloses that the chief agents for all presidential candidates will be meeting in a few minutes.

Adds that the planned address by the chairman Chebukati to be done at 7:30pm

5:44pm: President Kenyatta and First Lady Margaret arrive at Jubilee Election Centre at KICC.

5:20pm: Ruto arrives at the Jubilee Election Centre at the KICC

4:50pm: Nasa presidential candidate Raila Odinga leaves the Bomas of Kenya national tallying centre. Deputy President William Ruto has also left Bomas of Kenya

4:43pm: Huge convoy leaves President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Ichaweri home in Gatundu

The President has been at his rural home since Tuesday’s elections.

On Friday a huge convoy left the home amid speculations that the IEBC would finalize the tallying process in the course of the day.

4:03pm: Nasa co-principal Musalia Mudavadi addresses the media.

He urges IEBC not to rush to make a declaration until the due process has been completed to the satisfaction of all parties.

“The other thing I would want to point out is that when we made our statement yesterday we made it knowing that the only IEBC can declare the results. We merely stated facts, we did not declare any winner.”

Orengo: “If they can open those servers and we all look at it, we are prepared to accept the results of what is contained in those servers. About 25 per cent of the forms are still out there in the field.

“There should be no rush to judgment we have some way to go, we still have a process and the matter may not be closed as quickly as some people may think.

“As regards to the forms 34A they have said they have not received all the forms, they have only received 29,000 forms out of the 40,883 forms, so about 25 per cent of the forms are still out there in the field and have not reached the commission.”

4:00pm: IEBC CEO Chiloba conducts a briefing on the processing of presidential results.

“I’m glad to report that we are now able to account for 288 forms that are with us, the two ones that are remaining we have seen the forms but gotten in touch with the returning officers for some clarification.

“I know there is a lot of anxiety people asking when we are going to complete this process for us we say there is no need to hurry, we need to be accurate.

“We received some VIPs who needed to be briefed,” he said.

3:39pm: NASA tallying agents whisked away for fear of arrest and detention by government security agents. Left in several cars with their materials.

2:36pm: Millitary chopper seen hovering Mama Ngina Kenyatta’s home in Gatundu.

2:09pm: Head of the Commonwealth Observer Mission John Mahama arrives at the Bomas of Kenya.

1:48pm: Nairobi governor elect Mike Sonko also arrives at Bomas.

1:15pm: President Uhuru Kenyatta’s brother Muhoho Kenyatta and his private secretary Jomo Gecaga also arrive at Bomas.

1:14pm: Deputy President William Ruto arrives at Bomas of Kenya.

1:09pm: Nasa presidential running mate Kalonzo Musyoka arrives at Bomas of Kenya.

12:59pm: Nasa presidential candidate Raila Odinga, co-principal Musalia Mudavadi and Moses Wetangula and Senator James Orengo arrive at the national tallying centre at Bomas.

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The post LIVE BLOG: Uhuru, First Lady arrive at KICC appeared first on kenyan News.

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