New Job scam alert! Field Supply Supervisor for World Food Program

Kenya jobs,  New Job Scam Alert! July 4, 2017 Alleged Recruitment of Field Supply Supervisor for World Food Program by Corporate Staffing...

Kenya jobs, 

New Job Scam Alert!

July 4, 2017

Alleged Recruitment of Field Supply Supervisor for World Food Program by Corporate Staffing Services

Dear job seekers,

We’d like to call your attention to a new job scam where one “Susan Murugi” is masquerading as the CEO of Corporate Staffing Services and recruiting on behalf of The World Food Program in Turkana.

Please be aware that “Susan Murugi” is not the CEO of Corporate Staffing Services, neither does she work for the Company.

Our sources reveal that an email is being sent to all Job applicants for the position of Field Supply Supervisor with the World Food Program in Turkana asking them to pay an agent fee of 50 USD payable through Equatorial Commercial Bank Account Number 023744432, Mpesa number 0703563829 and Western Union/MoneyGram with the receiver listed as Janet Muinde.

Corporate Staffing Services operates no such bank account and neither do we bank with the named bank.

The stated Mpesa number is registered under one “Felix Adala”. Felix has been named in several scams involving Job seekers including one that we pointed out in May this year where the team of scammers claimed to be recruiting for the Ministry of Education and used the name Perminus Wainaina to dupe jobseekers.

(Perminus Wainaina is a Certified HR Consultant and the Head of Recruitment and Managing Partner at Corporate Staffing Services)

Another job Scam involving Felix Adala >>>> Read Here 

Corporate Staffing Services advises job seekers to be vigilant and to do a proper background check to any individuals asking for any kind of fees related to job interviews.

Corporate Staffing Services does not charge job candidates agent fees or any fees whatsoever for interviews.

Ways to tell a correspondence is a scam

The Email Address Used 

 Any genuine recruitment firm will have a registered domain name and website and any correspondence via email will always bear the registered domain name. For example Corporate Staffing Services, official emails will always originate from a “” email address NEVER from a “” address.

If indeed Corporate staffing was recruiting on behalf of the World Food Program, the official email used would bear the Corporate Staffing Domain name as explained above.

A simple Google or LinkedIn search

Whenever you are in doubt as to who you are dealing with, conducting a simple search on the person’s name and the position they claim to hold will reveal the inconsistency.

For example, if your search “CEO Corporate Staffing Services Kenya” on google your most likely results will be our website or to Perminus Wainaina’s profile on LinkedIn

You can also call or email the mentioned company to check if it is they are recruiting for such a position.

Email tone, grammatical errors, and Ultimatum

Emails from scammers will often feature grammatical errors and will not contain an official tone. Also, anyone offering you a job will not give you an ultimatum. They will provide you with directions and instructions and wait for you to show up. If you do not, then they reach out or hire the next person in line.

It will often sound too good to be true

Most scammers will often use a very attractive pay package that will sometimes be too good to be true to dupe you. For example, the 2000 USD excluding allowances stated in the email correspondence below may be a bit on the higher side compared to the required qualifications and experience.

Be Vigilant

As the number of people looking for jobs increase, more job scams are coming up as cons look for ways to make money. Avoid falling prey to such scams by confirming the emails you receive, phone calls and promises for jobs. You can confirm by calling the hiring company or organizations involved. They will let you know if the position exists or not.

Read more here on the signs to look out for to identify a job scam. 

For questions on job scams or career related issues, email 


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