Do You Want To Grow In Your Career? Here 5 Are Things You Must Start Doing

Kenya jobs,  By Perminus Wainaina You are probably working towards getting a raise, a promotion, or some form of recognition at work by yo...

Kenya jobs, 

By Perminus Wainaina

You are probably working towards getting a raise, a promotion, or some form of recognition at work by your employer and fellow colleagues. All of us are competitive in nature, and it is at the core of each one of us to be seen by others as the best in every aspect of life!

When it comes to the workplace, there are important practices you must employ in order to stand out from other colleagues. Does it surprise you that some people rise into managerial positions faster than others despite their ranks at work?

You probably know or have heard of James Mworia, the CEO of Centum Investments who rose from the position of an Intern to CEO in a span of 6 years!

This goes to show that you have the capability and the power to grow in your career to whichever position you want, and it will all depend on the practices you develop now.

That said, let’s look at things you should do at work to get noticed, promoted and earn the respect of others:

1.Cultivate a culture of getting things done

With every task you do, you must ensure that you do a good job always. Some of the common mistakes I find with many employees is that they come to work, and instead of beginning their day with their most important tasks, they engage in time wasting activities such as gossiping and using their phones to browse the internet.

Assuming you want to become a manager in the next few months, I would highly advise you to stay off from time wasting activities.

Brian Tracy, an International Motivational Speaker and Life Coach in his book ‘Eat That Frog’ says that you should start your day with the very demanding tasks.

Morning hours should go to the most important and difficult tasks, and the other time of the day to the lighter tasks. This way, you will have the most productive day, and your boss will certainly notice your ability to get things done and promote you to a higher position.

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  1. Become known for doing something- What are you good at?

Are you good in sales? In Customer Service? or In proposal writing? For you to get noticed at work, you should identify one thing you are really good at and master it!

When you are good at something, it will be very hard for the employer to let you go because you will have become an asset to his company.

  1. Act Like A Leader- Mind Your Mannerism

Standing out at work also means that your character must be top notch. How you dress, how you speak to others, how you manage your time, will be very important in shaping you as the leader you want to be.

On a side note, is also important that as a leader, you stay away from office politics, gossip, coming to work late etc.

  1. Take Leadership Roles

Another way you can get the attention of your boss is by taking leadership roles. Organize birthdays, retreats, after work coffee plans etc

Organizing these activities at work shows your employer that you are the go-to person for extra-curricular activities which are all important for the growth and bonding of your company.

  1. Make Contributions

During company function as such as meetings, ensure that you make contributions. Give your opinion to subject matters and have a voice when something is being discussed.

Do not be the type of employee who sits at the back and leaves a meeting without saying something.

Alongside this, make contributions to projects and proposals. You want to ensure that once a project is finished, you can proudly say that you were part of the organizers and planners.

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Perminus Wainaina is a Certified HR Consultant, Career Coach and Managing Partner of Corporate Staffing Services, a leading recruitment firm in Kenya. As a career coach, Perminus works with experienced professionals in helping them determine and achieve what they want in their career  Click here for more on career coaching.





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