Why you shouldn’t think about a Master’s yet

Kenya jobs,  The hype around getting a Master’s degree in Kenya today is deafening, as everyone seems to head in that direction. Just when ...

Kenya jobs, 

The hype around getting a Master’s degree in Kenya today is deafening, as everyone seems to head in that direction. Just when you thought the heavy Undergraduate financial burden was off you, the pressure to enroll into a Master’s Programme gets to you.

While some jobs may require that you have that postgraduate certificate in your pocket, let’s look at reasons why you should not even think about a Master’s degree if you’re any of the following people:

  1. You don’t have any work experience

If you’re straight out of College/University, and you have zero work experience except for that Internship you did as a graduation requirement, you need to put on your best clothes and start looking for a job first.

You need work experience for your graduate degree. After 4-5 years of being in College, the best thing you can do for you and your career is to first get some hands-on experience in your field.

Employers will hardly employ you if you have a Master’s Degree and no work experience. You learn so many things in a job that a Post Graduate degree will not teach you.

A master’s degree offers practical knowledge.  It would be vain to enroll in such a class without having worked in the field, in order to understand what your Career entails on a day to day basis.

Give yourself that needed break from books and get some practical skills.

Tip: If you have to go back to school, you can have a day job and enroll in an evening class Masters program. Hit two birds with one stone.

  1. You think a Master’s Degree is necessary for your next steps

Not necessarily.  Today, more than ever, employers are looking for people with hands-on skills. Unless the position you are aiming for in the next step of your career requires a postgraduate degree, employers are more interested in the practical value you can offer a company, your competence and ability to deliver effectively in your role. A master’s degree is not the key to your success. Your work ethic is.

Guess what: Employers will rarely make an MBA the sole criteria for selecting candidates for a job. On the contrary, they always indicate “Master’s Degree will be an added advantage” on a job description. It’s an “if”, not a “must” situation.

  1. You are trying to escape the hustle of looking for a job

Some people might feel like looking for a job is tough and unfruitful, and therefore opt to go back to school to ‘advance their education’ but in the real sense, they’re only doing it to kill time. Only pursue a Masters if you truly and wholeheartedly desire it and you wish to gain more knowledge about your career.

Don’t dig your own grave: Perminus Wainaina, head of recruiting at  Corporate Staffing Services observes that so many people with MBA’s end up very disappointed as they lose out on jobs because they are overqualified. They quickly rush back to school in the name of being more competitive and the job market surprises them. Your skills are what employers want, not necessarily your papers.

An MBA is great, but like everything, there’s a time for everything. Go back to School only when it’s necessary, meanwhile look for a job, grow your skills and add value to your Career.

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