Love-hate my Evo

Business Daily Kenya:  How did you get it? I had always wanted an Evo 6 since I was little. The fire was ignited watching Tommi Makinen ri...

Business Daily Kenya: 

Love-hate my Ev.

How did you get it?

I had always wanted an Evo 6 since I was little. The fire was ignited watching Tommi Makinen rip up rally stages, and the Fast and Furious films only served to stoke it. But I never thought I could even get one in Kenya.

I had a Subaru N10 that I was trying to sell for some time, and one day, someone gave me an offer and I accepted too abruptly as I had not found another car. Friends jokingly suggested that I get an Evo. I told them I would if I could, but there were none around.

I was quickly enlightened of an Evo 6 going for Sh1.3m. At the time, I didn’t have that kind of money, but upon seeing the unbelievably clean car and the fact that they settled to Sh910,000, I had to get it.

So I paid Sh30,000 by M-Pesa, and planned to conclude business the next morning. When I went to get the car, the seller had just turned down someone willing to pay Sh1.2m.

Later on, I learnt that up to five people had been coming to buy it and one had even sold a brand new Evo 10. Yet, I got it, because I had paid the Sh30,000 the previous day.

Downsides: There’s so much I hate about it. It’s a bare bones race car, and I have to carry my family in a car that doesn’t have airbags and AC, so, I’m actually hoping to buy another car.

In comparison to my former ride, Subarus are brash and boisterous and I kinda love and hate the fact that the Evo is almost a sleeper. Most people assume it’s a normal Mitsubishi Lancer with body kit.

Upsides: Well, for one, it doesn’t come with the current local Subaru reputation. Secondly, it’s a fast car and it handles corners so nicely that you can’t help but love driving it.

Despite not having some of the cornering technology of other Evos, I was able to keep up with them in a recent Great Run event. Another thing I’m appreciating as I get older is the unassuming nature of this car. It looks like it has nothing to prove.

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