Digitising your ‘analogue’ car

Business Daily Kenya:  Let’s face it, cars come out with newer and newer technology every year. The problem is, you have to buy the car to ...

Business Daily Kenya: 

Digitising your ‘analogue’ car.

Let’s face it, cars come out with newer and newer technology every year. The problem is, you have to buy the car to experience all that tech advancement, which could become an expensively impractical habit.

Luckily, the pace of progress means that with a smartphone, you can now get similar technology at a fraction of the cost. These apps give your analogue car some digital assistance.

Dashdroid Android Auto is the new OS by Google for cars, but if you have an older car, fret not. Dashdroid is the subtly named alternative with a simple interface. Eight custom buttons and a central display show the current time, weather and speed. Voice commands also allow you to make a call or text without taking your hands off the wheel.

iOnroad Most modern cars offer forward collision warning, where lights and sounds alert you of a stationary object ahead, before you’ve had a chance to see it.

Using GPS and the camera on your phone, iOnroad calculates how long it will take for you to collide with the vehicle ahead. A colour chart indicates when you’re getting closer, and even includes speed sign detection.

But, the irony of iOnroad is that you then have to keep an eye on your phone screen rather than the road. Carcorder Dashcams are handy, allowing you to record cool things that happen on roads as the Russian dashcam videos prove.

They also, as a recent video showed when a traffic policeman tried to falsely accuse a driver of ignoring a stop sign, keep concrete proof in case of an accident or harassment.Carcorder turns your phone into a dashcam, allowing you to track your location, keep within speed limits and switch between resolutions.

Drivvo Made for the meticulous driver who always keeps car info handy, like the last time the oil was changed, right down to precise odometer readings, Drivvo helps keep drivers in financial control of their car by helping them input basic car information.

You’ll be able to enter in a chart and track info such as total trip mileage or how much fuel you’ve put in a specified period, along with the station and cost.

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